Xylem Analytrics Germany manufactures under the label SI Analytics the well known TitroLine® titrators, AVS® viscosity measuring systems, an extensive line of glass capillary viscometers, high-performance laboratory and process electrodes as well as meters for the measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and conductivity for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other demanding markets. 

With decades of experience in glass technology and analyzer development SI Analytics is able to offer high quality products combined with expertise and know-how that you won’t find anywhere else. 

SI Analytics is a Xylem Brand and leader in electrochemical laboratory equipment. Xylem Analytics is a leading provider of premium field, portable, on-line and laboratory analytical instrumentation serving water & wastewater, ocean/coastal, food & beverage, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical markets through brands including (but not limited to) SI Analytics, WTW, YSI, OI Analytical, and ebro. 

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